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Press Releases
Press Release | Oct. 7, 2013

NORAD-NORTHCOM recalls 700 furloughed civilian employees

All furloughed Department of Defense civilian personnel assigned to the NORAD-NORTHCOM headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base are being recalled and should report for work on Monday. 

The small number of personnel assigned to liaison positions funded by other agencies should check with their parent organization for guidance. 

Personnel who are unable to return to work in a reasonable timeframe on Monday due to personal travel or other personal circumstances should consult their leadership to be changed into a leave status.

NORAD-NORTHCOM furloughed about 700 civilian employees October 1 as a result of the government shutdown.  Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced ( yesterday that a review of the Pay Our Military Act by Defense Department and Justice Department attorneys concluded that most DoD civilians were exempt from furlough and could return to work immediately.