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News | Sept. 14, 2011

Jacoby: Guard most important partner to NORAD, NORTHCOM missions

By Tech. Sgt. Leisa Grant

MILWAUKEE - Teaming with the National Guard is at the core of his new duty position, said Army Gen. Charles Jacoby, Jr. here last month.

The newest commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command said he is a full-spectrum supporter of the National Guard at the 133rd General Conference of the National Association of the United States.

Jacoby acknowledged the tens of thousands of Guard members who have served overseas – some directly with him.

“I’ve fought along side tough, talented Guard commanders, Airmen and Soldiers throughout my career,” Jacoby said.

“National Guard members continue to show the best of America to citizens of Afghanistan and the world.

“A few weeks ago Gen. [Craig] McKinley, [the chief of the National Guard Bureau,] testified that, over the past 10 years with operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world, the National Guard has been a full partner – and I know he’s right.”

Jacoby said the Guard has been busy in the homeland, too, noting that the “contributions of the Guard during the flood season have been nothing short of phenomenal.

“We share a sacred trust in defending our homeland here and abroad. We share a responsibility in supporting our citizens in their times of greatest need.

“Our taxpayers expect us to work together … successfully. And they certainly deserve no less. We’re teammates on the same team who understand that jointness and mutual support are central to our missions for success.

“I am committed to supporting the trusted relationships most often have us in support of the Guard and local authorities. I respect and admire the unique roles and sacrifices, and the lead role Guard members and families make in this endeavor.”

Jacoby thanked military members, their families and communities for their service and support.

“I recognize that my most important partner in the missions of both NORAD and USNORTHCOM is this wonderful National Guard.”

Jacoby said the Guard is a proven operational force across the full spectrum of Department of Defense global, homeland defense and domestic missions.

“The National Guard is a game saver – essential in the homeland and essential in overseas theaters,” he said.

“Today’s National Guard is the finest, strongest, most ready and reliable in the history of our great nation.

“I will never stop listening and learning about the Guard, your capabilities and your concerns,” Jacoby said. “[NORAD-NORTHCOM] has your interests – front and center.”