Day Of National Mourning

By NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs


The President of the United States has declared Tuesday, 2 January 2007, as a Day of National Mourning due to the passing of Former President Gerald Ford. This will be a day to reflect upon the great contributions made to the people of the United States by Former President Ford, as well as all of those who have contributed to making our country so great.

Admiral Keating has directed that N-NC personnel observe this Day of National Mourning. He is tasking all of the directors to determine who within their directorates must work in order for the directorate to maintain a minimal functioning capability. All others will be excused from work on Tuesday. Directors should keep in mind that civilian personnel are paid double time for working on a Day of National Mourning and should consider that cost in their decision making.

The timing of the snowstorm and the holiday on Monday make dissemination of this message precarious. Each director must ensure that all personnel within their directorate receive this message as soon as possible. PA will attach a copy of this message to the N-NC website to ensure rapid and wide dissemination

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