NORAD-USNORTHCOM recognize quarter's best

By NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs


PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. - The North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command recognized their top performers for April through June during a quarterly awards ceremony July 28.

NORAD Deputy Commander Lt.-Gen. Rick Findley presented the NORAD awards and USNORTHCOM Deputy Commander Lt. Gen. Joseph Inge presented the USNORTHCOM awards.

Noting that Americans and Canadians "have a culture of being humble," Findley opened the awards ceremony by ordering the award winners to "smile furiously" when they received their plaques. "You deserve it," he said. "Enjoy this day and acknowledge your great accomplishments."

Inge commended the honorees for their many hours of community service. "(Our award winners) serve their country and also find time to serve their fellow man," he said.

The NORAD winners are:

-- Army Capt. Bradley Blum, Combined Intelligence Fusion Center, company grade officer;

-- Senior Master Sgt. Michael McCoy, Directorate of Operations, senior noncommissioned officer;

-- Tech. Sgt. Robert Long, Directorate of Operations, NCO; and

-- Senior Airman Adriana Soltero, Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center Directorate of Manpower and Personnel, junior enlisted.

The USNORTHCOM winners are:

-- Air Force Capt . C. Scott McKenzie, Directorate of Architectures and Integration, company grade officer;

-- Navy Lt. Michael Wautlet, Directorate of Operations, Reserve Component company grade officer:

-- Sgt. 1st Class Michael McNulty, Directorate of Architectures and Integration, senior NCO;

-- Petty Officer 1st Class David M. Leonard, Directorate of Operations, NCO; and

-- Spc. Michael Hall, Directorate of Manpower and Personnel, junior enlisted.

The NORAD-USNORTHCOM civilians of the quarter are:

-- Brenda Schulz, NORAD-USNORTHCOM Directorate of Intelligence, category one; and

-- Karen Chaney, USNORTHCOM Directorate of Analysis

Blum was lauded by the CIFC commander for being the 133-person unit's "number one" company grade officer, according to the citation. He was also recognized for leading CIFC personnel and financial and information programs to "unprecedented" levels of efficiency. Blum was cited for his insightful solutions to financial management program shortfalls which produced training, tracking and networking enhancements. He is also pursuing his master?s degree in business administration.

McCoy was recognized for his efforts in providing a smooth transition for the new director of operations. The citation said McCoy "flawlessly" worked the removal and installation of residential and mobile secure communications ensuring unhindered access and mission success. As the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Air Force Top 3 organization, he was the catalyst for increasing participation by 250 percent. McCoy also led more than 200 military volunteers for the 65th Annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, which provides funds to military charities throughout the region.

Long served as the Operations lead for the new NORAD-USNORTHCOM Combined Operations Center, identifying 22 positions and 40 critical circuits. He earned distinguished graduate honors at the Forrest L. Vosler NCO Academy at Peterson AFB by finishing in the top 10 percent of the 133-person class. Long also delivers 15 meals weekly to the elderly through the Silver Key Meals on Wheels Program.

Soltero managed more than 120 officer and enlisted performance reports "superbly" -- a duty normally reserved for more senior noncommissioned officers. She handles the CMOC "Intro" program, helping newly assigned personnel settle into their new work environment. Soltero also spearheads the CMOC Adopt-A-Highway program, serves on the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station Color Guard and orchestrated several fund-raising activities to improve morale and welfare.

McKenzie served as the Architectures and Integration action officer to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense on policy issues related to homeland security and defense collaboration and coordination ensuring USNORTHCOM requirements were embedded into the Department of Defense's Next Generation Collaborative Services Policy. McKenzie also serves as a key advisor to USNORTHCOM for network and information assurance communications issues on the Quadrennial Defense Review.

Wautlet developed a macro-trend analysis methodology which was instrumental in identifying USNORTHCOM's antiterrorism and force protection vulnerabilities. He created a process to measure risk assumptions of unmitigated vulnerabilities by comparing terrorist attack capabilities and changes in force protection conditions. Taking advantage of his knowledge of naval operations,
Wautlet developed critical infrastructure protection assessment benchmarks for military seaports, providing the command a functional means to evaluate vulnerabilities.

McNulty serves as the point person for managing the schedule for more than 150 authorized service interruptions. A front-line watch stander, McNulty frequently serves as the operations center watch officer due to unexpected absences. According to his award citation, he is the resident expert of the command control communications and computer (C4) coordination center?s circuit monitoring system. A lauded mentor, he actively participates in the personal and professional development of junior personnel in his directorate.

Leonard, who serves in the only enlisted position in the joint operations center, leads the crew in coordination, security and emergency procedures during real-world events. He tracks current location, assignment, and contact methods for domestic attack assessors to facilitate immediate contact in the event of a domestic attack. Leonard developed a detailed community service plan for the USNORTHCOM Current Operations Division, coordinating organizational volunteers to support the Marion House Soup Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation, Colorado Veterans' Home and Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Hall is in charge of the administrative actions for all Army officer and enlisted records. The local expert on active duty Army retirements, he briefs Soldiers on the retirement process and Army regulations and ensures individual awards and transition documents are processed in a timely manner. Hall recently completed the Army's Primary Leadership Development Course?s accelerated 15-day course. He is a member of the NORAD-USNORTHCOM Color Guard, which performs at various community events.

Schulz demonstrated outstanding organizational and managerial skills by improving office efficiency by eliminating extraneous documents and standardizing file processing of more than 100 personnel employee files, according to the her award citation. She significantly improved civilian workforce development by creating and managing a database to track civilian counseling, feedback and mentorship for approximately 100 civilian employees. She is an officer and working member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals and was named member of the year for the Pikes Peak Chapter.

Chaney completely rebuilt the directorate's security program -- turning it into a model within the headquarters, according to her award citation. She meticulously tracked the full spectrum of directorate budget expenditures and developed the requirements for a budget database that provides real-time expenditures. She constantly seeks self-improvement by taking courses to help her perform her duties. Chaney also volunteers for the March of Dimes and her Neighborhood Watch program, and her home has been designated as a "safe haven" for children in immediate danger.

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