NORAD maintains Vigilance

By NORAD Public Affairs

NORAD Headquarters Colorado Springs, Colo. -- The North American Aerospace Defense Command is deploying Canadian and American fighter aircraft to Forward Operating Locations in Alaska and Northern Canada to exercise our own ability to monitor ongoing Russian military training.

"Although we don't expect Russian aircraft to purposely violate Canadian or American airspace as part of their training, our mission is to remain ever vigilant," said Lieutenant-General Ken Pennie, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of NORAD.

NORAD forces are postured to ensure air warning and control for the continental United States, Canada, and Alaska. NORAD maintains an extensive radar system around North America and has alert fighters deployed throughout the United States and Canada that can respond quickly to threats. The men and women of NORAD are the eyes, ears and muscle maintaining air sovereignty over North America, and their vigilance, internationally and domestically, contributes to the defense of North America.

For operational security NORAD will not discuss specific details including timelines regarding this deployment.

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